How to Seduce a Spy: A Review

If the rest of the Steampunk genre is written like this, you can count me as a new fan.

From Amazon: Where potions run technology and passions run deep.

A barmaid with a rare talent.

Paris, 1882. Barmaid and potions expert Elle Deschamps knows a worrying secret: the supply of the magic serum that gives her potions their potency is running dangerously low. When a mysterious gentleman hires her to help search out new sources for serum, she jumps at the chance to earn her way to a life of less drudgery.

A spy on a mission.

Agent of the British crown Henry Ainsworth has a simple directive: end the potions crisis, by any means necessary. Posing as a bodyguard, he joins the beguiling potions expert on her continent-hopping expedition, determined to protect her from the unknown foes who wish to thwart her.

A love neither can resist.

With time of the essence, Elle and Henry must rely on one another to avert disaster. As enemies close in, they find the greatest danger of all may not be to their lives, but to their hearts.

My Review: (5 stars) This is my first foray into the steampunk genre, and I am utterly delighted.

Stein weaves a rich tapestry of a tale, full of wonderful detail and enchanting characters.

I enjoyed her world building and found myself lost in Elle and Henry’s story. The characters seem to leap from the page. I loved the interaction between our hero and heroine, as well as the rest of the cast.

As we journeyed from locale to locale, we learn the backstories of Elle and Henry: What makes them who they are, what they need and want from each other, and why they want to find the source of the serum.

There was drama, humor, danger, and all the things that make a book worth reading.

This is a definite 5-star read for me, and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series. Stein is now one of my must-read authors.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Catherine Stein started reading at age two, when her mother noticed that she could tell the difference between words that started with the same letter. Ever since, she has wandered around with a book in her hand, her backpack, her purse, or even tucked down the back of her pants. A few years after she began to read, she also began to write, spending the majority of her school career writing non-school-related stories in her notebooks. Now she writes sassy, sexy stories set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras and full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic technologies.

Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious girls. She can often be found dressed in clothing that was purchased at a Renaissance Festival, drinking copious amounts of tea.

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