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I firmly believe every author needs a toolbox in order to produce quality work. While the items in the toolboxes may vary from author to author, each one is essential. Today, I’m going to share with you the items in my toolbox. (Please know this blogpost may contain affiliate links.)

A good computer. I prefer a laptop, and I prefer Apple products. I use a 13 inch Macbook Pro and absolutely love it.
A notebook. I prefer spiral bound. You can never go wrong with good, old fashioned paper. I actually handwrite all of my books before typing them. Notebooks are cheap, and I usually stockpile them.

Pens. When writing, I prefer black ink. Bic pens are a classic for a reason. They’re affordable and work great.
This book is wonderful. I highly suggest you get a copy. It’s full of useful information, told in a fun way.
This is another great resource for romance authors. Gwen Hayes lays it all out for you in a short, to-the-point book.
Of course, you’ll need other items as well. A place to work, file folders, the normal office supplies. My dedicated office space is a pretty little cabinet with a pull out shelf that my laptop sits on. I have an office chair, and the cabinet holds all of my supplies. One day I may upgrade, but for now this works for me.

I also recommend hiring a good editor (I’m available!) and creating a good working relationship with him or her. I adore my editors, and hope to work with them for many years to come. I realize that my toolbox is on the smaller side, but it’s all I need to write. I still read other books on the craft, of course, and will make a separate list for the ones I find most useful. I also read books about subjects I’m researching for stories, the online dictionary by Merriam-Webster, and google the heck out of stuff.

What do you find useful? What’s in your toolbox?

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