The Ultimate List of Self-Promotion

It’s true. I’m an introvert. I enjoy playing hermit and staying home with my dogs, my writing/editing, and my books. But there’s also more to me. It may be boring, but there is more. Ha. So I thought I’d toss out ten random facts about myself.

I am addicted to Carmex. I have tubes of it stashed around the house, in my purse, in my workbag, in my car. . . you get the idea.

I drink lactose free milk because–reasons.

One of my guilty pleasures is researching the English monarchy.

I have two tattoos with at least three more planned.

I’m terrified of clowns. I’m merely scared of spiders and water.

I detest talking on the phone.

I am not a morning person. If you must convey information to me before noon, please message me.

I detest wimps and whiners. I’m not a wimp, but sometimes I am a whiner.

My parents spoiled me.

I usually read several books at once. I have my kindle book, my nook book, and couch book, a bedtime book, a work book, and a car book.

And there you have it. Ten random facts about me. Tell me some random facts about you.

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