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Reviews for Trusting Jack

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Only Love Can Heal Their Broken Hearts

I don’t know why but I find something special when I read a romance novel where love is found, lost and found again. While losing a loved one is bad enough when he/she dies from an illness or having their life snuffed out due to an accident or even worse at the hand of someone else; having it happen through divorce results in a devastating, traumatic effect on the individual.

I loved how Ms. Hale wasted no time in getting to the apparent reason for emotional split between Emma and Ryan which culminated in their getting a divorce; both had made a mistake in their rushing to be married.

Naturally, after this Emma wanted to get her life back to the way it was, and to the job she once had in the movie industry before she’d entered this dismal period in her existence. Soon after she rejoined actress Norah Jackson as her personal assistant, she meets Jack Brandon who’s a sexy, young, inexperienced actor.

Although each had a kismet-like attraction to each other the moment they first met, each carries baggage from a previous love affair they once had. Both Emma and Jack are hesitant in allowing themselves to experience the kind of love they’re both seeking, which in turn creates them having an almost rollercoaster-like relationship.

Does their relationship in the happy ever after? I’m not going to say as I’d like you to share the emotions I’d experienced in reading this book. The story is well-developed without any of the sex scenes you might expect, which is why I’ve given Ms. Hale 5 STARS.

Robin Leigh Morgan

Solid Love Story with a Final Kick

In Beth Hale’s book Trusting Jack the author has created characters so realistic they practically walk out of the pages. From the first chapter where Emma Payne is betrayed by her cheating husband Ryan I liked her character. Although she was devastated by his infidelity and subsequent abandonment, she takes steps to pull herself together and move forward with her life. Supported by her gay friend Chris and encouraged by her mother she returns to the job she had before marrying Ryan; assistant to world famous actress Norah Jackson.

Traveling to Europe with the actress for the filming of a “period drama” Emma, a history buff, is thrilled. Once in London the women have the opportunity to enjoy the city for a few days before the filming begins. After a flurry of shopping they go to a local popular dance club in the evening and fortuitously run into James Wyley and Jack Brandon. It turns out Jack is also starring in the movie and James is his best friend. Jack, an Englishman, is instantly attracted to the girl from the American South. While James flirts shamelessly with Emma he notices Jack’s interest and volunteers to step aside should the actor want to pursue her.

Emma may be attracted to Jack but her recent pain makes her wary of entering into any kind of relationship. What she doesn’t know is that Jack himself has had a recent romantic break up and he is also cautious.

The story flows beautifully as the relationship between Emma and Jack grows more serious. Behind the scenes Marcus Reynolds, want to be actor and assistant to starring actor Roger Agnew, lusts after Emma. She is unimpressed with him and deflects his very forward advances. In spite of this he continues to believe she will eventually give in to him.

This is very much a character driven book. The relationships between all the characters are well defined and develop in a realistic manner. Hale does a great job of dialogue, keeping Emma true to her Mississippi roots with occasional lapses into Southern dialect. Meanwhile all the British characters also use phrases and terms that are common in England. This sets yet another realistic tone to the story.

I found this book to be an enjoyable and well written romantic story. While Hale does kick it up a notch toward the very end with an unexpected violent act, it is smooth and transitions comfortably. I highly recommend it to readers who like a solid love story with a fulfilling if somewhat surprising end. It’s a pleasure to award Trusting Jack a Gold Bookworm.

Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Author

Reviews for Taming James

Taming James on Amazon

Beautifully Written Romance

Let me begin by saying this is the second book I’ve read by author Beth Hale and she is fast becoming my favorite romance writer. In her book “Taming James” she once again creates characters that are so vibrant they seem to step off the pages.

“Taming James” follows Liv (Olivia) Hughes as she pursues her career in London, England. Having left her home in Knoxville, Tennessee because of something traumatic that occurred, she moves to her company’s office overseas. An accountant, she is working on a project with her co-worker James Wylie, who is known as a “ladies man” around the office. Although he subtly expresses an interest in her, she is resistant. This is the first indication she might have an unhappy romance in her past.

As they become friendlier Liv relaxes enough to allow James to become part of her life, though not as a lover. When she returns to Tennessee to visit her family she invites James to accompany her. He meets her parents, her father is a Southern Baptist minister, her sister Alyssa, and her nephew Dylan.

Hale describes her settings in vivid detail. In Knoxville, Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains she targets all the tourist attractions with complete accuracy. The easy going relationship between Liv and James is a pleasure compared to many romances where the central characters leap into a physical relationship immediately.

“Taming James” is a delightful story I enjoyed so much I read it in two hours. Realistic dialogue, a solid plot, and a satisfying conclusion make this a winner. I highly recommend it to any reader who appreciates a good romance and an easy read. Undoubtedly you will become a fan of Beth Hale’s too.

Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Author

James is hot and the love scenes sizzle!

I absolutely loved “Taming James.” The story started out nice and easy, and very realistically. I could imagine a romance developing slowly in this very way. Both characters have some demons in their past that they need to confront before they can love themselves or truly love another.

Once their affair began happening I was completely caught up. James is hot, and I thought he was so adorable even with his fears and problems that stood in the way of them having a fulfilling relationship. In fact, I do believe I have known men with this similar issue. I was rooting for him, and I was so proud of him when he took the measures he needed to solve the problem. (I’m being careful how I state this to not reveal spoilers.)

The writing is very professional. Ms. Hale is articulate and descriptive, and the love scenes sizzle. I will hungrily read more books by this author. Bravo! Five Stars!

Terri Gostola

Reviews for Magnolia Secrets

Magnolia Secrets on Amazon

Every town has its secrets!

Lainey is a well-crafted heroine whose secret life rocks a small town and captures the heart of her hero. Her story is compelling and emotional–because sadly, spousal abuse is a real problem in the world. It was riveting to see her grow and become stronger throughout the story, and finally begin to feel comfortable in who she was as a woman and a person with a purpose in life other than to serving as a punching bag for her controlling husband. The scenes were written in vivid detail and one could almost see feel the burn on Lainey’s cheek and taste the salty blood on her lip when she “took her punishment” as she often phrased it.

This story kept me turning page after page with witty dialogue and plot twists that I never saw coming! It would appeal to readers from many genres–romance, mystery, and chick-lit.

I look forward to more from this author!

T. Sanders

Magnolia Secrets

Magnolia Secrets is, on the surface, a fast-paced detective story. However, as the characters draw you into the story you discover a depth and quality to the writing, a depth and quality that many bestselling books of today fail to display. This is a romantic tale and, at times, an erotic and sensual tale. It is also a dark tale exploring aspects of human nature that dominate modern society: violence, corruption and greed.

The author has done an excellent job in depicting a violent relationship, revealing that women (and men for that matter) who tolerate domestic violence are not weak by any means. The simple question is: why don’t you walk away? The answers are often far more complex and within that complexity the author had created a vivid and engrossing novel.

Magnolia Secrets succeeds on many levels: as an action-packed detective story, as an erotic novel, as a romantic tale. But it’s greatest success is in revealing that victims are often far stronger than their oppressors and, when the dust finally settles, it is these victims who have the greater strength, and the courage, to walk away.

Ms Peartree

Reviews for Magnolia Flames

Magnolia Flames on Amazon

Short but definitely NOT sweet! This girl is on fire!!

Don’t be fooled by the length of this book; awesome things can come in small packages. I’ve been a fan of this lady’s writing since her first novel Trusting Jack. Her characters are always relatable and thoroughly developed. As a reader, I always feel like I’m standing in the middle of the scenes in her books, watching the characters interact instead of just reading about them.

There were a few areas where I felt the story could have been explored further, but the punchy dialogue, sexy love scenes, and intelligent writing kept me turning page after page.

But what I really liked best about this book was the theme. It was unlike anything else I’ve read about so far, and it had me intrigued.

It goes without saying, I will definitely be reading this author’s future works. She has become a one-click purchase favorite for me!

T. Sanders

Five stars!

I read the first book in the “Magnolia” series and I just knew that I had to continue with the series. In “Magnolia Flames,” which is a stand-alone novel, a young police officer Eve is called to investigate a church fire that seems to be an arson. However, when an ambitious ATF investigator from out of town – Carter – arrives at the precinct and links the fire to several other arsons that happened around the state, a fire of a different nature ignites between the two. The problem is, Carter believes that an arsonist could be Eve’s younger brother, Jamie.

I absolutely loved how protective Eve was of her sibling despite the evidence, even though circumstantial, pointing out to him. What I also appreciated was the small glimpses into an arsonist’s mind that were dotted throughout the narration and helped the readers better understand his twisted nature. The development of Eve and Carter’s relationship with all of the ups and downs was also fascinating to watch, and I sincerely hoped for everything to work out between the two. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more by Ms. Hale! Five stars.

Amazon Customer

Reviews for Red Hot Reunion

Red Hot Reunion on Amazon

Sizzling romance!

If you’re looking for a hot, fun read, look no further than Dallas Fire and Rescue: Red Hot Reunion. Hope is now beautiful and successful, but has crushingly low self esteem thanks to a group of bullies who made her teen years miserable. As her ten year high school reunion approaches, Hope’s best friend talks her into going to the reunion just so she can show up the “mean girls.” Hope wins a date with Flynn, a sexy firefighter, in a charity auction, and the rest is history! At times sweet and at times sexy, Flynn is the perfect guy. I loved how he didn’t back away when Hope’s insecurities threatened to push them apart. I also enjoyed seeing karma come full circle for Brittany, the leader of the mean girls. A fun read!


It is an enjoyable heart squeezing story.

I truly enjoyed this book. Flynn reached in and grabbed my heart and squeezed. It was so nice to read a story of the heroine overcoming being bullied as a young woman, and taking that experience and turning it around for herself, and dealing with the ups and downs of it everyday. I really loved that Flynn the hero was just that. Instead of running away or making it worse he worked at making it better and uplifting his partner when needed. It is an enjoyable heart squeezing story.


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